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Former NBC Reality Stars Perform Marijuana Benefit

Last Comic Standing

 Atomic Comedy Network Presents

The Hollywood Hemptress Hour

Ganja Palooza Vertical

Ganja Palooza is a 420 stand-up comedy show celebrating Washington and Colorado success in becoming the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Ganja Palooza will feature The Hollywood Hemptress Hour host Comedian Tere Joyce and Jay London, from NBC’s Last Comic Standing. The Hollywood Hemptress Hour is a web series produced on the new Atomic Comedy Network. The show will be a fundraiser supporting The Patient Advocacy Center (Pan) a charitable 501(c)(3) organization and proceeds from this show will benefit the Patient Advocacy Network “Viana Hagiu Legal Defense Fund”. The show will be recorded and streamed on the Ustream Atomic Comedy Network as a pay-per-view event.

About The Hollywood Hemptress – Tere Joyce

Tere_4Tere Joyce is best known for her stand-up comedy, having first traveled throughout the United States and Canada performing in comedy clubs and pubs. She is a trained theatre geek since the age of nine. When asked to go out on date in high school her reply was, “I can’t…I have a rehearsal.” She was a Theater Arts major in college, and studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

In 2003 Tere Joyce was a top ten finalist on NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and also was a competing cast member on the third season. She has written three screenplays in films that were AVN Award nominated and directed by adult filmmaker Erica McLean.

Tere has done voiceover work and improvisational bits on radio shows such as the Jon Melichar Show and Power 106. She has appeared on several internet shows such as, The Free Speech Show, The Damage Report, Porn Star Pundits, and the award winning web series, “Good Job Thanks!”

In 2011, Joyce created and began to host Hollywood Hemptress Hour on New Dissident Radio, and has just recently launched a live streaming video version of the show on the Atomic Comedy Network online.  Her next project is to launch her new show “Freedom of Joyce” on the Atomic Comedy Network! The show will explore “freedom” and what that means to us personally and collectively as a society.

Jay London is an American stand-up comic whose one-liner jokes made him a favorite on NBC’s Last Comic Standing.jayphoto2

Although he did not win in the two seasons he appeared in (Seasons 2 and 3, both in 2004), his humble personality and clean comedy made him a favorite among the show’s fans.

Jay London is known for his long curly hair and bib overalls. His signature line is “You might recognize me, I’m the fourth guy from the left on the evolutionary chart,” referring to his slouching posture and unkempt appearance. His comedy is usually self-deprecating and laden with quips such as “0 for 1″, “This is death!” and his trademark line, “It’s almost over.” During his run on Last Comic Standing, he made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

He has also done shows for cancer patients and small comedy clubs. In 2004, Jay made an appearance on the CBS sitcom King of Queens and on the game show Street Smarts; in 2005, he appeared on the TBS reality show Minding the Store and Bravo’s All-Star Reality Reunion.

About Viana Hagiu

Viana Hagiu was a medical marijuana dispensary operator in LA’s San Fernando Valley when on August 25, 2009 the Devonshire Division of the Los Angeles Police Department raided the collective, CannaMed of Northridge.  Having all applicable licenses and permits from LA and the State, Viana refuses to take a plea.   As a result the LA County DA’s office has dragged this case out for nearly 4 years; all of which has taken a huge toll on Viana’s health, housing and livelihood.  Read her story at: and hear Viana in her own words:

There are several ways that you can donate to the Viana Hagiu Legal Defense Fund.

Purchase  Hollywood Hemptress Hour Merchandise and a percentage of the proceeds will go Viana Hagiu’s legal defense fund!




Visit our Hollywood Hemptress Hour Store at

Make a tax deductible donation at

Do you have a marijuana business or cannabis related industry? Sponsor our online broadcast and  $100.00 of your sponsorship will be tax deductible. Also, the Atomic Comedy Network will create a 60 sec. commercial of your product or service to be aired in the live broadcast, archived download, and 4 episodes of Hollywood Hemptress Hour. Your commercial will be uploaded on Hollywood Hemptress youtube and social networked on Hollywood Hemptress twitter, facebook, and facebook related forums. Here are couple samples of our commercials.

Come see the show live on April 19. 2013 in Richland Washington!

Location:      Jack Didleys Comedy Club

109 W Kennewick Ave, Kennewick WA 509-585-5665

Date:             April 19, 2013

Time:                         8:30pm to 10:00pm

Admission:   $10.00


Adult Themes and Strong  Language


Occupy 4:20 Los Angeles “Day One”

Occupy 4:20 kicks off this Saturday October 15, 2011 at 4:20 p.m. in Los Angeles California. Bring your voice and signs as we will be gathering at 1st and Spring St!

LOS ANGELES – October 11, 2011 – When medical cannabis patients and supporters finished their rally at the federal building on Friday, October 7, 2011, the same day U.S. Attorneys announced their escalated attack on medical cannabis collectives and cooperatives, the protesters made their way to Los Angeles City Hall to see how the ‘occupation’ was going. To read entire article click here.

After we protested in front of the federal building we received strong support from activists who were in solidarity with the Occupy Wall St movement. They sympathized that Cannabis is also a victim of corporatism gone a rye. They even went so far as to chant “No More Drug War” along with us. One lone cannabis soldier had a sign with the slogan, and was thrilled to find that his crowd had finally showed up. Occupy LA agrees that cannabis users are also part of the 99 percent, and has invited us to protest in solidarity with them. We will be marching every Saturday at 4:20 p.m.

The Patient Advocacy Network is a voice for medical marijuana patients and encourages all supporters to Occupy 4:20. Organize peaceful Occupy 4:20 events in your local area: Make signs, make t-shirts, take to the streets and make some noise because the Occupy Wall St. movement understands our message.

Download the attached flyer to educate local activists about the escalated federal attacks on medical marijuana. Use the flyer to promote your local Occupy 4:20 events. Contact Patient Advocacy Network if you want to learn more. For more info click here .

President of the Patient Advocacy Network Dege Coutee announces Occupy 4:20 on Hollywood Hemptress Hour! Toke and listen to Episode 029: Occcupy 4:20 now.

97 million Americans have smoked pot at least once in their lifetime.  97 million Americans use AT&T, which means we don’t give a shit when our calls drop!

Eagle Rock’s First Medical Marijuana Festival

Cannabis Clubs United With the Community presents Eagle Rock California’s first Medical Marijuana Festival!  The fiesta will feature Grateful Dead Tribute band Morning Glory, and several key-note community speakers. The presentation will be emceed by Hollywood Hemptress Hour radio show host, and stand-up comedian Tere Joyce.

CCUWC’s founder Tim Ryder describes the occasion as a hippie festival that will celebrate medical marijuana as part of the event. Ryder who is a non cannabis smoker himself. became sympathetic to the medical marijuana cause when he attended an Eagle Rock neighborhood council meeting. He noticed that the city was not in support of their medical marijuana collectives touting them as a nuisance to the neighborhood. Tim decided to find out if their claims were true, and looked into his local dispensaries. He discovered that the opposite is undeniable, and believes that Eagle Rock’s medical marijuana collectives are a valuable asset to the north eastern LA community.

Tim Ryder announces his candidacy for neighborhood council on radio show!

Tim was our special guest on Hollywood Hemptress Hour Episode 028: Daydream Believer Among Wolves. To listen click here.  For more information on Cannabis Clubs United With the Community go to

Feds Target Cannabis Dispensaries

A call to action for all Medical Marijuana Activists! Cannabis collectives in California are now being targeted by the Federal Government. Federal Prosecutors have launched a clampdown on medical marijuana dispensaries, warning apothecaries they must shutdown in 45 days or face criminal charges and confiscation of there property even if they are operating legally under the state’s 15 year old medical marijuana law .  To read the full story Vape here.

Like feminists in the past who burned their bras for freedom, it is now time for us to put down the bong and paint our 420 peace signs.  For continued motivation click onto the following words LifeLiberty , and the Pursuit of  Happiness.

We are beginning  our first pursuit of  happiness, with an emergency response rally , Friday Oct. 7th high noon in front of the Los Angeles Federal State Building located at 255 East Temple St.

Following this rally good time , Hollywood Hemptress Hour,  and the The Patient Advocacy Network  , will be joining Occupy LA  to help free cannabis from corporatist oppression. To toke to the pursuit of happiness,  let your fingers puff their way to

We elected Obama because we believed he would bring us hope and change.  Let”s  wave our flag of hope in the face of our dwindling liberty.  We are the change that we have been looking for.

Seattle Hempfest’s 20th Anniversary

Last year was my was  first Seattle Hempfest experience.  Before I left for my trip a friend foretold. “It is the closest thing to Woodstock that you will ever experience in this generation.”  A couple of years prior I questioned my father if he went to Woodstock, ” Do you mean the Peanuts character?”  he asked. When I explained to him what Woodstock was he replied, ” Your mother and I had jobs.” “We didn’t do drugs.” “We were serious people.”

It wasn’t the desire for drugs that made me long for Woodstock.  It was the wish to witness an awakening of peace and love consciousness. I longed to listen to the words of freedom activists, and the lyrics of the artists who shined the light of liberty. I grew up with yuppies, Reaganomics, bustiers, Michael Jackson gloves, and the glamor of cocaine. Followed by Doc Martins, black finger nail polish, and middle aged men who wore pins that said, “Lose weight now, ask me how?” We were  pierced and pissed. Our anthem was “Entertain Us” as we sat in a corner losing our religion.

The first Seattle Hempfest was in 1991 and it was originally billed as the “Washington Hemp Expo”.  Only 500 people attended that year, but by 1994 Seattle Hempfest was an established  legitimate political rally. It was no longer viewed as just a” pot party in the park”.  Seattle Hempfest features five stages of  world class music, and is the largest group of speakers on Marijuana policy and Hemp reform in the world. To celebrate Seattle Hempfest’s 20 year anniversary founder Vivian McPeak launches his book Protestival. The book documents 20 years of  Hempfest history, and is loaded with color photos and art.

Last year I was lucky enough to get a backstage pass to Hempfest. I even got to stand in the back of the main stage while Chris Conrad passionately addressed the crowd to support Proposition 19 in California. I watched my friends who are activists, comedians, and radio show hosts entertain and speak for the freedom of the weed. Feeling the electricity of the crowd I stood there with the realization that I was living history in the moment.

Vivian McPeak

This year I had the opportunity to interview the dream team of Seattle Hempfest, which includes Vivian McPeak, John Davis, and Anthony Lilly.  To listen to the Hollywood Hemptress Hour archived interview click here. Happy 20th anniversary Seattle Hempfest!  We wish you many more!

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