hollywood hemptress logo smallThe intent of the Hollywood Hemptress Hour blog is to provide a portal of information and support for those who seek to heal themselves, the planet, and humanity. Therefore Hollywood Hemptress Hour will only promote people, places, and products that support the above statement.

Advertise your business on Hollywood Hemptress Hour! and The Atomic Comedy Network!

Hollywood Hemptress Hour is a web series hosted by Tere Joyce on The intent of the show is to journal the cultural and political evolution of the cannabis plant with a touch satire. The show explores all aspects of the marijuana plant from it’s use as a medicine, food, paper, fiber, clothing, fuel, spiritual, and recreational use.atomic_comedy_banner_FB

Internet programming is not the same as terrestrial radio and television. The listening numbers are in the archived downloads, so as long as the episode is in cyber space your commercial will continue to be heard. This could potentially give your advertisement the longevity of several years.

There are a few different ways that you can advertise with Hollywood Hemptress Hour.

  • Sponsor A Segment. Currently there are two different segments on Hollywood Hemptress hour. Compassion Flower Report with Dege Coutee’, and G-licious Dishes with Shiloh Jinglefoot author of Ganja-licious A Higher Level Of Food.
  • Sponsorship Rate Card. $50 per segment. $200 per month.

Advertise on the radio with a minute of airtime!

  • Radio Advertising Rate Card. 2 30 sec spots, aired live…$125 per show. $500 per month. Banner advertisement on show page included.
  • Statistics show that it takes approximately three months to determine whether on not your commercial is driving traffic to your website or local business.
  • Watch Hollywood Hemptress Hour Commercial Below …

Hollywood Hemptress Hour Can Social Network Your Business On The Internet!

  • We will market your business to the top of the search engines on Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Get your business promoted on all of the major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Youtube Now Gets More Viewership Than All Of The Major Television Networks Combined!

The Cost for Hollywood Hemptress Hour’s Social Network  package is $420 per month.

  • You can choose to advertise with us on the web show, through the Social Network Package, or a combination of both!
  • Sponsorship Rate Card with Social Network Program is $620 per month.
  • Radio Advertisement Rate Card with Social Network Program is $920 per month.

For more information please fill out the form below and submit.

Wishing you 420 peace,

Tere Joyce

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